Spiritual Elicitation

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Give and then Get

As noted on the Home page, everything on this site is free. You can download it, print it off, make copies of it for your use, and most importantly, use it on yourself and others, all free of any charge or expected payment.

You may wonder how I can do that, after having spent almost all of my life and all the money I had during that time studying, researching, trying out, developing, refining, improving, and writing what is given here. The truth is, I cannot do it any other way and still have it (and me) be spiritual. To understand this click on and read the article in the following link (this is one of the articles in Book 1 but it is important to know as part of Exchange too.)


If you have gotten value from the knowledge I have freely given on this site then to retain that value you will need to exchange for it as described in Keeping It Spiritual. If as part of 'support' you wish to give me a monetary exchange of some kind and amount to help keep this site up and contribute to my continued writing it would be accepted with appreciation. (To do so go here.) But, it would only be a part of the exchange as there are many more attributes of Keeping It Spiritual. The more attributes you give the more you will get back. This is part of the Basic Truths of this Reciprocal World.