Spiritual Elicitation

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I have been in the process of "writing" some books for several years (where have you heard that before?!) on the spiritual enhancement techniques and knowledge I have learned, developed and discovered to be true and work time and again. But it looks like this is going to take several more years to complete! So I figured I'd just put up on a web site all the notes and short articles I have written to date so you don't have to wait for that (far off?) completion and can get started with ​what's there so far.

So, why this name? Since this is about Spiritual enhancement then word Spiritual had to be in the name. But I didn't want to use 'enhancement' as it is too general, and overused. So I chose a word that describes what the procedures do. Through the sets of questions they Elicit what you have going on about whatever you are addressing and what's the truth for you on it. This is not something one just studies forever or has to believe or dogmatically follow so it not an -ology or an -ism.  This is an action practice. It is information and procedures for you to use to enhance yourself in the pursuit of your dreams, your goals and your desires in your daily life, which makes it an -ion.  Thus, Elicitation.

I have outlines and notes and articles written for seven books, all part of what I call the Spiritual Freedom Series.  Each book covers a different area and level of Spiritual Elicitation and Spiritual Awareness. As such, the knowledge and procedures in each book are built on the previous book(s), except of course the first book. The first book presumes that you have some basic spiritual understanding and knowledge already. There are many spiritual practices already in existence that cover the basics of spiritual knowledge so I felt no need to cover all that again.

Keep in mind that these "books" are incomplete. As I wrote above what is given here is my collection of notes and articles I have written that will form the basis of these books. ​I was initially going to post each article or note as an individual file for you to download, but there are (so far) 134 of them just for the first book. I figured this would be a daunting task for most people (I know it would be for me) so instead I imported all of the notes and articles into one file, in a preliminary sequence, complete with a contents page. Though it makes it look like a book, keep in mind these were written over a number of years, each as an individual piece, and as such there is often some redundancy in them.  

Someday I may even retain the services of a professional editor/ghost writer to help me turn all these articles and notes (and all the ones I need to write) into actual books. If you know of a really good, accomplished/professional book editor/ghost writer who is spiritually aware and has studied and understands new age spirituality and is willing to work many months (years?) for no pay but with the invaluable exchange of being personally trained by me on all the Elicitation material let me know.

If you have questions that come up while reading any of these articles note them down, and if they are not answered in subsequent articles feel free to send them to me using the Contact page. I may answer you directly but if it's a question of general interest I will probably write another article that answers it and add it to the collection. If I get enough questions maybe I'll eventually write about everything that needs to go into these books and they can be completed.

As this is a work in progress, check back from time to time as I will be adding articles, even whole books worth of articles, as they attain some form of presentability. Newly added articles and books will be in a different link so you can easily see them. When they are completed I will probably also put up the entire books for free download as well.