Spiritual Elicitation

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So who do I think I am that I can put up something like this?

I'm someone who has spent an entire life time (literally) studying, practicing, researching, and mastering different spiritual enhancement modalities to the point that this activity has become an indwelling part of me.

I started my spiritual journey in 1971 when I was 15 years old and in the years since I spent all but 7 of them immersed in spiritual activities.

The practices I studied/practiced/were involved were such diverse things as Knowledgism (which I spent 18 years helping research, develop, and write), Dianetics, Scientology, Advanced Ability, Silva UltraMind, Buddhist meditation, Reconnective Healing, Psychic Healing, Dowsing, expanded awareness programs at The Monroe Institute, telekinesis training, and Remote Viewing.

I also researched into the practices and areas of study of est/The Forum, Dianasis, Identics, Avatar, Life Spring, The Magicians Way, Epigenetics, Quantum Mechanics, The Field Theory, the Holographic Matrix, Electromedicine, and numerous other scientific and metaphysical works. (If you want to see a list of some of the material I've researched, go here.)

All this has given me an enormous understanding of creation and our spiritual nature and many of the ways to help uncover and restore that.

But even with all this study and practice it was not enough for me as none of it helped me fully attain my own spiritual goals. So using all this knowledge as a foundation and my skill and experience in developing techniques to raise awareness and consciousness and gain further spiritual insights I launched into the creation of my own spiritual practice.

What is available from these web pages is a ongoing summation of these spiritual techniques and knowledge that are taking me toward my spiritual goals, and may help you do the same.